Lumen Daily Hits a Thousand Views!


1000+ views! Yeah!

guys, guess what? That’s right! As you may have noticed from the title, Lumen Daily just hit 1,000 glorious views!

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  • The occasion of a first grandchild for Charlotte's parents had not brought the reprieve from their scrutiny that Charlotte had anticipated. I am so glad you are home, Reilly, she whispered.
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    Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

    Web Design Tips for Small Businesses

    Everyone knows how valuable web sites are for any establishment. Small businesses have distinctive challenges with their website. As well as it is valuable to get it right. If it is done correct it will have a huge impact increasing your enterprise. You have in all probability gained by personal exertion there is an abundance to find out. do not feel astonished by the outright quantity of knowledge. take an oppurtunity to get it right from the get go. Bigger changes, similar to changing page names can foreshadow disaster for organic search results. Worse yet if you ordain too many changes to your website you in all probability will end up destroying your entire sites search rankings and you will have to restart with your promotion.

    Should it be Free of cost, Low Cost, or high Cost

    The largest question for small business owners is, How much should I pay up on my web design. There is no whyfor you have to spend over $1000, lest you have a commitment for very certain features. Beyond that the answer comes down to your level of envovlement.

    If you take your time learning the essentials you can put up something half way decent. It will in all probability not be optimized for SEO, however it will work. simply expect lower search results. You can use software like You will still have to pay for hosting from some where though. Please don’t misuse your time with any person that offers you this for free of cost. They will park advertising on your website, and at first brainstorm this probably will not seem so bad, on the other hand solely take under consideration for a moment. The ads will in all likelihood be your competition. You work hard to get individuals to visit your web design, so don’t squander them. Hosting will run you around $20-$35 a month. Greater businesses most likely will offer lower charges nonetheless your level of aid and service will be reduced. A smaller business offering hosting will work harder to keep you as a customer.

    If you don’t have the time, you should employ a small business web site design firm. There is no need to spend a ton of money. You ought to be able to get a first-class quality product for close to $500. Moreover, you will still need to pay for hosting moving ahead. It is also critical to stay away from places of business that will assemble you a web design and then leave you be. In place of you should look for an institution that will continue to work with you and continue to enhance the web design. What works now for SEO and visitor browers changes over time. Even sparse alterations each year will make a big difference.

    A dynamite clue to save money when highering a web design company. Compute out what you commitment and design it before hand. If you come with this knowledge in hand with enough specifics it will be less complicated for the design organization to do their job.

    Greatest of luck with your organization and your new web design. Done well you will see a dynamite conversion rate of your visitor traffic into leads and over time organic traffic will begin to come in from the search engines. Money spent here is an investment not an expsense.

    Look no further for your small business website design. At we focus on you the small business owner. You can also take in more small business web site ideas.

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    Softer Comedy Provides a Welcome Break: Futurama

    Comedy TV has many inventive ideas, but none as lovable and fun as a certain world of the future from Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons. Granted, Futurama isn’t as instantly recognizable as The Simpsons, but in this author’s opinion it is even better than its illustrious cousin. I only recently began to watch Futurama, but after the first episode, I was hooked.

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    Add-Ons for Skyrim: A Lot of Fun, but Worth the Money?

    In the world of gaming, add-ons are usually not bought, for monetary reasons. However, Skyrim’s add-ons have been very well-recieved. Skyrim was and still is an incredibly popular game, and most gamers jumped at the chance to buy add-ons for it. But I hesitated. Dawnguard was 20 dollars, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend that kind of money on an add-on.

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    What is a Brand?

    Brands, Starbucks Coffee, Westfield shopping mall London


    Do you know what your brand is?  Many young companies make the mistake of having a rather weak idea of their brand.  They buy a “brand package” that includes a logo, letterhead and website design, and think that’s all they need in order to become a household name.  They plaster their logo all over printed carrier bags, and hand out key chains and printed mugs at trade shows, then wonder why nobody engages with their brand once the show is over.

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    Top 5 Gmail Plugins That Make Email Simpler

    gmail plugins

    In today’s fast paced world, email has replaced letters and telephones as the preferred form of contact because emailing is instantaneous.  Gmail, Google’s email service, offers several plugins that help facilitate your writing to save even more time. Here’s a look at some of the most useful plugins to make your email communications quick and painless.

    Boomerang: The Boomerang plugin is a tool that schedules emails to send at a specific time. You can write an email and set Boomerang to deliver the message at the time you want it to hit the recipient’s inbox. This comes in handy when you want something to show up either first thing in the morning or late in the evening when you aren’t at your desk to type it out.

    Boomerang can remind you to follow up on emails you have sent as well. The app will take a message out of your sent mail folder and bring it to your inbox if there has been no response from the recipient in a set period of time. That feature alone can save you headaches; you won’t have to make a note to follow up or dig through your sent mail to find the original message. Boomerang is available as a plugin on Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    Mail Timer: Mail Timer is an app that helps you cut out the time you spend emailing by setting a time limit on how long you look at each message.

    Once your time is up, you’ll receive a pop-up notification telling you to move on to the next message. Saving a minute or two per email per day can give you back a decent chunk of your day. Mail Timer is currently available only for Chrome.

    Send From Gmail: Send From Gmail comes in handy when you visit a website and hit the “Contact Us” link. Once you install this plugin, Gmail opens in a new tab with a compose email screen, eliminating the hassle of copying the email address or closing other clients any time you click a “contact us” link. Send From Gmail is currently available only for Chrome.

    Rapportive: Rapportive is ideal for those who interact with large amounts of people on an infrequent basis because it saves you the time of having to keep track of who contacts are. The plugin takes up residence in the sidebar and brings up profile pictures of the sender along with links to their Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, giving you a snapshot of who the person is.

    The app has the added functionality of adding the sender as a friend on Facebook, following them on Twitter or adding their contact information to your social networking sites while staying in Gmail instead of opening other tabs. Rapportive is available for both Firefox and Chrome.

    Bananatag: Do you send out dozens of emails and then worry about whether they ever get read by the recipient? If so, Bananatag is the app for you. Bananatag is a plugin that allows the sender to track whether emails you sent were opened or clicked on. The plugin generates the equivalent of a read receipt for messages you deem worth tracking and lets you know if certain links in your message were clicked and when.

    The free version of the plugin allows you to track five emails per day, while the pro version allows the tracking of 100 emails a day for $5.00 a month. Both options provide the full scale of metrics, so you can analyze whether emailing a person was worthwhile or a waste of time. Bananatag is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

    Which Gmail plugins do you use?

    Justin is a sports, marketing and tech enthusiast. When not in the stands watching University of Utah football you can find him writing and blogging for Direct TV

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    Using the Correct Packaging Materials

    Now we have no doubt that for most people a discussion on the correct packaging materials to use for certain jobs is not the most thrilling thing in the world but none the less using the right tool for the job is essential whatever that job may be. We will now take a look at some varying forms of packaging starting with the more heavy duty end of the scale.

    Wooden Cases and Pallets – Wooden pallets are for the most part a standard size however most packaging companies will make bespoke wooden pallets & wooden crates designed specifically for the job you require. When requesting bespoke wooden crates for oversees shipping it is essential to check if the timber used by your chosen company is certified by the United Kingdom Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme or for short (UKWPMMP). This must be checked to ensure your crate can be legally exported to destinations including but not limited to United States, Australia, Canada & China.

    Corrugated Cases – The trusty old cardboard box but with a fancy name! Like with wooden packaging options we just mentioned corrugated cases can often be designed specifically for your job. This form of packaging is long trusted and affordable way to protect your goods whilst they are shipped to their final destination.

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  • She refused to let Buddy stay in the house while she wasn t there to make sure he didn t use her clean floors as a toilet. By the sound of that cry earlier, it pained Lucas to do such a thing.
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  • She had to take care of some personal business in the privy.

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  • Elsa finally responded while her eyes were still fixed on the corner.
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    Paper Cores – Spiral paper tubes ideal for shipping artwork, posters, blueprints and anything else you can think of that may need rolling or happens to be cylindrical in shape!

    Okay so that’s the main outer packing materials sorted out but what else do you need to consider when it comes to packaging materials?

    Packaging Tape & Dispensers – Standard plain packaging tape will obviously do the job but some packaging manufacturers have the ability to produce packing tape with your brand on, always a nice touch.

    Stretch Film – If you are stacking a pallet high with boxes they will need securing, wrapping stretch will all around the boxes will cover this base.

    Packing Filler  - If you have a stack of old documents handy you can always shred them and use them to fill out your boxes, if not you could opt for everyone’s fun favourite of bubble wrap, just make sure you don’t pop it all first. Another option for filler would be air cushioning which is like little air filled pillows.

    When it comes to packaging and shipping your products you should now be all set.  If it is the situation that you do not have the facilities or expertise to package your products you could always explore the option of outsourcing your packaging work to a third party who do that kind of thing for a living.

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  • He drank until he felt the life ebb from her. She understood that for him to get where he was he probably created a few sins and maybe he thought he wasn t worthy.
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    Linda shook her, Elsa, tell me what I m dealing with. He chuckled, A replica of the Castle Caerlaverock in Scotland with some modern adjustments of course.

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    Megan promised to get them 136 Meant To Be talking this time.

  • She gritted her teeth as she slowly pulled herself up the wall. Miriam read the letters on the back of the blue polyester jacket.
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  • The strapless, low cut bodice was decorated with a priceless necklace of teardrop diamonds that crested just above her firm breasts. Tears entered her eyes, I didn t mean for it to get this far.
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  • Reasons Why Wearing A Corporate Uniform Is Important

    A uniform is standard issued branded clothing worn by members of staff whilst at their place of work. To wear and be uniform means for each employee to be the same. Uniforms are commonly known for being worn in the workplaces, schools, the emergency services such as the fire service and paramedics, and the armed forces. The provision of a uniform encourages equality and solidarity in the workplace.

    Uniforms are common in military organisations and emergency services and offer are important to ensure these people can be identified and stand out from the crowd. They need to be easily recognisable in order to do what they do. Uniforms for the emergency services give them the little bit of power and control they need in most situations and can change people’s moods just by being present; they can initiate a sense of calm with help being at hand.

    Corporate uniforms that are made mandatory by organisations are done so in order to implement the aforementioned; to encourage unity and solidarity. Those wearing the uniforms are working as one and whilst wearing it, are obliged to follow the organisations policies and procedures. Not all companies choose to have a uniform for their employees, but where they don’t, they will usually have some form of dress code such as plain white or black shirts; a requirement to look presentable.

    Employees are the face of the company and the use of corporate uniforms is important for that company’s reputation. Having a staff uniform looks professional and tidy ensuring employees are approachable. A customer facing company usually has a uniform policy for the simple fact that customers would not know who the employees and assistants were otherwise.

    A uniform encourages a team of employees to work together in keeping with the company vision. Customers or clients will find a uniformed employee more approachable and will feel more confident in doing so.If everyone is wearing the same thing, then it can also give employees a sense of belonging. They all have something in common with each other and are equally a part of the organisation.

    Equality is achievable in the implementation of corporate uniforms as the dress code instantly puts everyone on the same level, regardless of their personal or any other circumstances. Employees who wear corporate uniforms tend to be more caring towards their colleagues. They are considerate of their own growth, and that of their fellow workers. A uniform can ensure the level of teamwork a company requires.

    Uniforms overall can increase productivity levels in that everyone can benefit from the sense that they are working together and equal. They offer the required impression for customer facing companies and give off a professional vibe whilst ensuring staff are easily identifiable for the customer. They contribute to an organisation’s reputation. Internally, they promote a sense of solidarity in the organisation. An organisation can benefit from being its own community instead of simply people going to work, and where the employees are happy, the productivity levels and ultimately the profits will be too.

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    When Waste Disposal Northampton Becomes Necessary for Homeowners

    Occasionally homeowners and business owners build up a quantity of waste so great that the normal bin and recycling collection services will not be enough. Often this happens where a home improvement project is under way, or where an office spring clean or clear out has become necessary.

    waste disposal Northampton

    waste disposal Northampton

    Some kinds of waste have to be disposed of in a specific way. Plasterboard, for example, is a chargeable waste these days and is subject to restrictions on the amount that can be dumped at any one time by either business or domestic users. A homeowner is allowed to dump up to half a ton of the stuff, which is quite a lot (and quite expensive) – but carting this much plasterboard in your car is a backbreaking and extremely dusty operation requiring several trips to the recycling site.

    In many cases, a waste disposal Northampton provider can offer a better answer – a man and van combination, with the space to take all the waste away in on satisfying hit. The time and petrol saved by doing your waste disposal this way can often justify the expense of hiring the man and van in the first place.

    The rise of recycling can only be a good thing – but it has made some problems for people where the council only collects their waste every couple of weeks. With ever growing numbers of bags and bins filling up outside the home, it is sometimes easier to do your recycling yourself at the local it or recycling centre. Though here again the petrol and time costs of taking the stuff al to the dump yourself can be prohibitive.

    waste disposal Northampton

    waste disposal Northampton

    A  waste disposal Northampton  company or man and van combination picks up the waste from your premises, charges by the hour and as a registered waste removal business is able to take anything you need to the tip on your behalf. When the gardening project gets to that stage where everything is cut out and needs to be dumped; or when the little DIY project you had in mind turns into a disaster involving half the back end of your house, the extra help you get from a personalised waste disposal Northampton service can make all the difference.

    At the end of the day we are talking about convenience. There is enough stuff happening in the average life without having to think about making tip runs and doing all sorts of other complicated things – above and on top of getting on with simply clearing the house or the premises.

    Waste removal Northampton services can help in more ways than one – by offering advice on the best ways to pack your refuse ready for removal; and on what kind of refuse should be sorted into what kind of piles, bags or containers before the van turns up. Some companies will even take single items as well as full loads, and will give help on packing and removing as well as disposal.

    Waste disposal Northampton is an excellent way to cut down your costs in both time and money, when it comes to cleaning house.

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    How to Develop a Good Home Delivery Network UK: Locating Your Depots

    For a home delivery network UK to cover the whole of the United Kingdom, it must first have the right depot locations in place. Strategically, that means covering the major transport and haulage hubs at the heart of the country, in and around Birmingham and the Midlands; and it means having depots in outlying areas of the West and the North, where transport links are much slower and deliveries need a close at hand jumping off point if they are to arrive on time.

    home delivery network UK

    home delivery network UK

    Ideal depot locations for a home delivery network UK include Hull; Seaham; Livingstone; Warrington; Elland; Doncaster; Coventry; Bridgend; Basingstoke; and Thetford. In this way the fattest landmass of the country is covered nicely, and there is also scope for delivering to Scotland and Wales.

    Ideally a home delivery network UK should also have a depot in Exeter or at least Bristol, so the West Country can be served with more promptness and dispatch. Unfortunately for the haulage industry though, there are few storage areas and even fewer roads in the most southerly and northerly parts of the UK (the Highlands have a bad time of it too) – so there is little option but to stick with what you already have.

    To combat the distances and travel times involved in hauling deliveries out to the very outlying parts of the UK, a proper home delivery nitro UK needs to factor possible haulage times into its delivery promises. Ideally you can promise a total delivery cycle of five days, from product receipt to final delivery. In this way you have your promise bases covered – because, as we all know, it is much better to make a promise and fulfil it than it is to make a daft promise you have no hope of sticking to, and fail.

    Backroom staff play an important role in any home delivery network UK. Logistics, after all, is about planning and diverting resources accordingly for the most cost effective and time efficient solution to a problem. In addition, then, to the strategic placement of distribution centres, the successful home delivery network will be backed up by staff whose role includes making sure each delivery is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Additionally, the backroom staff is there to liaise between the client and the delivery drivers, ensuring that the process of fusing the customer facing part of home delivery (the store in which or the site on which an item was bought) with the actual mechanics of getting stock out of a warehouse and into the end user’s front room.

    The efficient home delivery network UK speeds up this process by offering storage as well as distribution facilities. The more stock storage a network of distribution centres is able to build up, the faster common orders from client companies may be processed and dispatched.

    A hugely important part of this task is stock management. Clients need to know when stock lines need to be replenished. Without key information given them by their home delivery network UK partner, client companies run the risk of dropping the ball.

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    You d think he was posing for a photo spread in a fashion magazine. She was referring to the way that neither one of them noticed her.

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  • She has blond hair and will be wearing a green sweater with black slacks. You don t have any idea he began to contest.

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